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GEOS 2.1.2 Released

The latest maintenance release of GEOS includes a number of bug fixes for special cases and processing issues discovered since the 2.1.1 release:

  • Segfault fix in Point::isEmpty
  • Mem Leak fix in OffsetCurveBuilder::getRingCurve
  • Bugfix in LineSegment::reverse
  • Added multipolygon buffering test in source/test/testLeaksBig
  • Ported JTS robustness patch for RobustLineIntersector
  • Removed useless Coordinate copies in OverlayOp::mergeZ()
  • Avoided throws by IsValid on invalid input
  • Stricter C++ syntax (math.h=>cmath, ieeefp.h in "C" block, ostringstream instead of sprintf)
  • Better support for older compilers (Polygonizer::LineStringAdder friendship)
  • Removed useless Coordinate copies in CGAlgorithms::isOnLine()
  • Added support for polygonize and parametrized buffer tests in XMLTester
  • Fixed support for --includedir and --libdir
  • Fixed Z interpolation in LineIntersector
  • Handled NULL results from getCentroid() in XMLTester
  • Segfault fix in (EMPTY)Geometry::getCentroid()
  • Made polygon::getBoundary() always OGC-valid (no LinearRings)
  • Input checking and promoting in GeometryFactory::createMultiLineString()
  • Segfault fix in GeometryEditor::editPolygon()

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