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PostGIS 1.2.0 Release

The 1.2.0 release of PostGIS is now available. This is a major new feature release, with the first PostGIS support for "curve" types, and initial support for the ISO SQL/MM suite of spatial database functions. Over time, the 1.2.X series will elabourate on the basic support provided in this release:

  • New Curve type, based on the ISO SQL/MM model for curves.
  • Index binding for curves, allowing them to use the same R-Tree indexes as the other types.
  • Serialization and deserialization functions for Curve, allowing them to be dumped and restored.
  • Performance shortcuts for Contains and Within to optimize point-in-polygon case.
  • Support for most of the ST_* and SE_* spatial SQL functions used by the ESRI ArcSDE spatial SQL interfaces.
  • Documentation of the new SQL/MM functions and Curve types.

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