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PostGIS 1.3.4 Release

The 1.3.4 release of PostGIS is now available. This release includes many bug fixes, and some useful feature enhancements.

  • New Features
    • Add new ST_AsGeoJSON() function to allow conversion of geometries to GeoJSON format within the database. (Olivier Courtin)
    • Add forthcoming PostgreSQL 8.4 support (Paul Ramsey, Mark Cave-Ayland)
    • Improved CSS for PostGIS documentation (Dane Springmeyer)
    • Inclusion of new "postgis_comments.sql" file to enable detailed function comments to be installed for PostGIS functions. This attaches a description and associated parameter information to each function so that this information is available directly within psql/pgAdmin (Regina Obe)
  • Enhancements and Bug Fixes
    • General documentation improvements (Regina Obe, Kevin Neufield)
    • Improve PiP code by removing substantial memory leaks and adding multi-polygon support (Paul Ramsey)
    • Improve GiST consistent performance (Paul Ramsey)
    • GBT#20: Improved algorithm for ST_DWithin (Paul Ramsey)
    • GBT#21: locate_along_measure: wrong values, invalid data (Mark Cave-Ayland)
    • GBT#23: wrong proj4text in spatial_ref_sys for SRID 31300 and 31370 (Paul Ramsey)
    • GBT#43: Heap over-read in compute_geometry_stats() (Landon Fuller)
    • GBT#44: ST_Relate(geom,geom,pattern) is case sensitive (Paul Ramsey)
    • GBT#45: bug in - not passing options to createdb (Paul Ramsey)
    • GBT#58: bounding box of circular string is incorrect (Mark Leslie)
    • GBT#65: ST_AsGML kills the backend when fed a CIRCULAR STRING (Mark Cave-Ayland)
    • GBT#66: ST_Dump kills backend when fed CIRCULAR STRING (Mark Cave-Ayland)
    • GBT#68: ST_Shift_Longitude doesn't work with MULTIPOINT (Mark Cave-Ayland)
    • GBT#69: ST_Translate crashes when fed circular string (Mark Cave-Ayland)
    • GBT#70: ST_NPoints Crashes with Curves (Mark Cave-Ayland)

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