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PostGIS 1.5.2 Release

The 1.5.2 release of PostGIS is now available. This is a minor release addressing a few issues that have been filed since the 1.5.1 release.

Bug Fixes

  • Loader: fix handling of empty (0-verticed) geometries in shapefiles. (Sandro Santilli)
  • #536, Geography ST_Intersects, ST_Covers, ST_CoveredBy and Geometry ST_Equals not using spatial index (Regina Obe, Nicklas Avén
  • #573, Improvement to ST_Contains geography
  • Loader: Add support for command-q shutdown in Mac GTK build (Paul Ramsey)
  • #393, Loader: Add temporary patch for large DBF files (Maxime Guillaud, Paul Ramsey)
  • #507, Fix wrong OGC URN in GeoJSON and GML output (Olivier Courtin)
  • spatial_ref_sys.sql: Add datum conversion for projection SRID 3021 (Paul Ramsey)
  • Geography: remove crash for case when all geographies are out of the estimate (Paul Ramsey)
  • #469, Fix for array_aggregation error (Greg Stark, Paul Ramsey)
  • #532, Temporary geography tables showing up in other user sessions (Paul Ramsey)
  • #562, ST_Dwithin errors for large geographies (Paul Ramsey)
  • #513, shape loading GUI tries to make spatial index when loading DBF only mode (Paul Ramsey)
  • #527, shape loading GUI should always append log messages (Mark Cave-Ayland)
  • #504, shp2pgsql should rename xmin/xmax fields (Sandro Santilli)
  • #458, postgis_comments being installed in contrib instead of version folder (Mark Cave-Ayland)
  • #474, Analyzing a table with geography column crashes server (Paul Ramsey)
  • #581, LWGEOM-expand produces inconsistent results (Mark Cave-Ayland)
  • #471, DocBook dtd errors (Olivier Courtin)
  • Fix further build issues against PostgreSQL 9.0 (Mark Cave-Ayland)
  • #572, Password whitespace for Shape File to PostGIS Import not supported (Mark Cave-Ayland)
  • shp2pgsql: "-w" produces invalid WKT for MULTI* objects. (Mark Cave-Ayland)


  • #513, Add dbf filter to shp2pgsql-gui and allow uploading dbf only (Paul Ramsey)

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